Your Glass Enhancing Specialists

Solar Tint is the only 3M™ authorized window film dealer and applicator in the Cincinnati, Dayton and tri-state area. Our focus is to provide the best quality window films that improve and enhance the performance of glass with superior customer service.

Welcome to Solar Tint. Since 1979, we have provided residential & commercial window tinting in Dayton, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding communities of Ohio and Kentucky. As the only 3M authorized window film dealer in the area, we offer the highest quality commercial & residential window films, professional installation, and superior service.


We provide window tint for commercial, industrial, and government facilities with an extensive selection of films to fit any application. 3M window film improves glazing system performance, comfort, reduces energy consumption and improves safety and security. Custom window films can be designed with your logo, the name of your business, and other decorative elements.


Quality window films from 3M improve comfort in your home, reduce energy consumption and associated costs, prevent furniture fading, and enhance privacy. A variety of options are available to control the amount of light entering your home, allow for night vision, so you can enjoy the view at night, and even enhance safety and security. Your investment is covered with a lifetime warranty.

Car Window Tinting

Automotive window tint improves the appearance of your vehicle and provides a more comfortable ride by reducing glare and heat. We offer professional installation of quality auto window films for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs with a lifetime warranty. In addition to windows, we offer Paint Protection Film to protect the high-impact areas of your vehicle.

We encourage you to browse our website to read more about the products and services available for residences, vehicles, and commercial buildings in the Cincinnati, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio areas. Please contact Solar Tint to learn about the custom solutions we can provide to solve your unique problem.