commercial tintingSolar Tint window film is the one building improvement that makes a noticeable difference both inside and out.

With Solar Tint, your business becomes a more comfortable place to work. Glare is reduced allowing employees to view their computer screens without squinting and straining their eyes. Temperature imbalances are minimized ending the ‘thermostat wars’ that are so hard on your HVAC systems. These benefits of Solar Tint help to improve employee productivity and tenant comfort.

Comfort is only one positive aspect as Solar Tint window films are a recoverable investment! After volume and people, the glass window is the largest single contributing factor to building heat load. Effective reduction in this heat gain along with window heat retention combine for a real investment recovery usually within half of the warranty period. This savings continues throughout the film’s extensive lifetime. No special maintenance is required to consume your savings, as the film is washed like your present glass.

Immediate incentives exist for installing window film. Most utility companies are encouraging tinting windows. In the Cincinnati area, Duke Energy is paying customers $1 / square foot of glass covered. The federal government also sees the benefit and provide a tax deduction.

3M”s safety and security film are like no other. The microlayer, tear-resistant window films hold the glass together in case of an attempted break-in or severe weather. The microlayer technology provides superior performance over standard polyester films. Are you also looking for sun-control, we’ve got that as well! Watch this video on an attempted break in.

 Viewed from the outside, Solar Tint gives your building a cleaner, more attractive uniform appearance. 3M Window Film will hide the clutter and disarray of half-drawn drapes and blinds, the back of office equipment, and uneven lighting.

Viewed from the inside, 3M Window Film will allow you to work more comfortably by reduce 99% of the UV rays, reducing glare on your monitor, and minimize hot spots.

Solar Tint window enhancing films are designed for application of any size or shape of window to provide “custom” solutions to your unique, sun, aesthetic, or security problem.


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