The most vulnerable part of any building is the window. Unfortunately, theifs and terrorists know this, so that tends to be the first point of entry. With industry standard safety film, the structure of the film is composed of conventional film grade polyester designed to hold broken glass onto the film. The safety series, although not as productive as the Ultra Series, can be used to prevent flying shardes of glass in case of an emergency and help hold the glass together during an attempted smash and grab.

3M’s safety and security films can be paired with any other 3M window film. If heat and glare is a concern in addition to increasing the safety of glass, we can install the safety series window film with a layer of suncontrol film. If you are in an office space in a building and want safety film on the front door and sidelight but also want clients to see your name, let us design and install a logo to go ontop of the ultra series film.