Concerned with glass breaking in an event of attempted break in or severe wheather? 3M’s Ultra Series is very unique where the film is built based off of technology not thickness: the polyester layers are interwoven rather than stacked on top of each other. With up to 42 micro-layers of film, provide tough tear resistance. As always, the ultra series film reduces 99% of the UV rays. The ultra series create protection against smash & grab, break & entry events, terrorist bombings, industrial explosions, and spontaneous glass breakage.

3M’s safety and security films can be paired with any other 3M window film. If heat and glare is a concern in addition to increasing the safety of glass, we can install the ultra series window film with a layer of suncontrol film. If you are in an office space in a building and want safety film on the front door and sidelight but also want clients to see your name, let us design and install a logo to go ontop of the ultra series film.

3M with third parties have completed testings which allow the films to meet different GSA levels, and ANSI, ASTM, ASHRAE standards. With two different thicknesses of the Ultra seris and attachment systems, a sales representative can help decide which film is best or needed to meet different regulations.


3M Ultra Series Window Films