Concerned with the safety of your windows? Want to reduce the potential injury due to flying shards of glass or want to strengthen your glass against crimes – then 3M™ ultra series is the perfect fit. This film is built on technology not thickness, you do not have to have a 14+ mill film to receive the strength of a 14+ mill film!  3M™ ultra series polyester layers are interwoven rather than stacked on top of each other which increases the strength. Series is as thin as 6 mill with the same results as others 14 mill films.

Your windows and doors are among the most vulnerable access points to your home. Easy quick access is what criminals rely on. By helping to hold the glass in place, these window films will deter intruders due to the glass not breaking like originally expected.

By installing 3M™ multi-layered, tear resistant Safety & Security films when accidents or natural disasters occur, you can rest assured that these films are engineered to hold broken glass in place. In the case of tornadoes or strong winds you can rest easy that your windows will not be scattered on your floors in tiny pieces. Do you live on a golf course and concerned with a flying ball? Worry no more after installing 3M Safety & Security Films.

3M Ultra Series Window Films