3MTM Sun Control Window Films reduce the heat load entering through your windows, reduce glare on monitors, while protecting the most important assets – employees and furnishings. A sales representative can help decide which film is best, with light transmissions ranges from 70% to 15%, there is a 3M Window Film perfect for every situation. Viewed from the outside, Solar Tint gives your building a cleaner, more attractive appearance. It hides the clutter and disarray of half-drawn drapes and blinds, the back of office equipment, and uneven lighting.

3MTM Prestige Series provides 40-70% light transmission, maintaining the existing appearance of the windows, while reducing up to 61% of the heat. Click here to learn more about the Prestige Series.

3MTM Ceramic Series provides 30-50% light transmissions combined with nano-ceramic technology to reduce the heat load and damaging uv rays while maintaining the clarity of your view. Click here to learn more about the Ceramic Series.

3MTM Night Vision Series provides 15-35% light transmissions, reducing up to 83% of the obstructive glare. The Night Vision series is a dual reflective film that provides day time privacy. Click here to learn more about the Night Vision Series.

3MTM Traditional Series provides 35-18% light transmissions, reducing up to 79% of the heat, it is a cost effective option to alleviate all nagging sun issues. Click here to learn more about the Traditional Series.