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Keep Your Business Safe with 3M Security Window Film

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Business owners can’t control everything that goes on in the world, but they can certainly take extra measures to protect their property in these uncertain times. 3M Security Window Film is an affordable solution that reinforces glass windows and doors, protecting buildings from intruders, vandalism, storms, and even explosions.

Glass windows and doors are the most vulnerable aspects of your building. The only thing that separates those on the outside of your business from what’s on the inside is a pane of glass. And glass, of course, is easy to break.

Security window film strengthens windows without obstructing the view outdoors or darkening the indoors. Additionally, it’s much more affordable than other security options and can be professionally installed quickly with little disruption to your business operations.

How 3M Security Window Film Protects in 4 Situations

1 – Deters Intruders

When strengthened with 3M Security Window Film, tests prove that windows take up to 2 minutes for intruders to penetrate. That’s because a strong adhesive adheres the film to the glass, holding the glass together even after the window breaks. As a result, for 2 minutes the intruder is hitting the glass to attempt to break through, creating a noisy commotion. This is a strong deterrent against smash and grab burglaries. After all, the criminal does not know the window is reinforced because the clear window film is virtually invisible. Some thieves may simply give up, while others may continue to hit the glass until they finally break through, but the additional time afforded by the film provides occupants the opportunity to call for help, hide, or flee.

2 – Protects from Storm Damage

Security window film is a thick multi-layer polyester film that fortifies windows. This makes it harder for debris, tree limbs, and other items to puncture windows during severe storms. If a window breaks, the film holds the glass intact, protecting building occupants from flying shards of glass and protecting furnishings, equipment, and valuables inside your business from water damage.

3 – Safeguards Against Vandalism

When treated with security window film, windows are less prone to penetration. They can even deflect objects like rocks and baseballs depending on the force with which the objects are thrown. If vandals with spray paint are a problem in your area, there’s a special type of anti-graffiti film. This variety of film can repel spray paint, so minimal clean up is needed. This will help eliminate the costs of expensive repairs to exterior glass and stainless-steel surfaces. The film easily peels away so the graffiti disappears with it.

4 – Reduce Injuries & Damage from Explosions

Window film is so strong that it can minimize the risk of glass-related injuries and damage to your business from explosions. This includes blasts from bombs, as well as accidents caused by issues like gas leaks. The strong adhesive and the Impact Protection Attachment System that anchors the film to windows help keep the glass shards from spraying inside your building if explosions occur nearby.

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