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5 Office Improvements that Can Boost Workplace Productivity

In Commercial Window Film by Solar Tint

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One of the best ways to boost workplace productivity is to improve the environment where employees work. Such improvements can range from modernizing the look of an office to offering workers healthy snacks and beverages in the break room. Having a better place to come to work each day can significantly impact worker productivity. It can also positively impact employee morale and retention.

Here are five office improvements to consider if you’re looking for ways to improve worker productivity and have happier employees.

1 – Improve Office Comfort with Window Film

Commercial window film can improve office comfort in several different ways. First, it helps to regulate the temperature by filtering out the sun’s hot infrared rays and by reducing hot and cold spots near windows. Furthermore, it accomplishes this temperature regulation without blocking beneficial natural light, which has been proven to enhance productivity. Regulating the indoor temperature not only improves comfort for workers, customers, and visitors, but it can reduce energy costs.

Secondly, window film reduces annoying glare that can make it difficult for employees to view monitors, computer screens, and other electronic devices like smartphones. A special type of commercial window film called Daylight Redirecting Film uses microscopic prisms to redirect sunlight toward the ceiling, allowing it to reach further into your space and away from electronic screens. This will decrease the need for employees to work under harsh fluorescent lights, while also naturally brightening the space.

Thirdly, window film is a very affordable solution for enhancing privacy. It can easily be added to glass conference rooms to prevent passersby from seeing inside. This creates a sense of privacy, so employees don’t feel like they’re on display when they’re using small glass meeting rooms to concentrate on a task independently, collaborate with a co-worker, or to make a phone call.

2 – Redesign 

If your office layout no longer works well, it’s time to start thinking about a full or partial redesign. The new design should both work well with your current workflow processes. It should also enhance customer service if you serve customers on-site. Your redesigned office space should also reflect your work culture. For example, if your company really encourages collaboration, then you will want your newly-designed workspace to be more open, with designated areas for employees to meet and work together. Decorative window film and architectural finishes can give your space a fresh, new look with minimal downtime for renovations. For instance, wall graphics can be added to lounge or common areas that can include any sort of custom graphic (i.e. motivational quotes).

3 – Upgrade Office Furniture

If your office furniture is outdated or worn, it may be time to consider replacing it. To maximize worker comfort, choose chairs and desks with ergonomic designs that are customizable to adjust to each employee’s height and size, and any special needs they may have. Additionally, you can use DiNoc architectural finishes to give office furniture an updated, fresh look. Check out a finished DiNoc project below.

DiNoc film

4 – Add a Fun Space or Exercise Room

At the very minimum, you should provide a place where your workers can sit down and have a snack or eat their lunch while taking a short break. But if you have the available space, consider taking this one step further. Perhaps you could add an exercise room that encourages physical activity or fun space that gives your workers a place to destress and interact with their co-workers. The latter can encourage collaboration and creativity, as well as inspire workers to think outside of the box.

5 – Incorporate Natural Elements

Add plants, ranging from small trees and ferns to blooming flowers, to the office environment. This will not only help workers feel more connected to nature but will also improve the air they breathe. The window film you install will not negatively affect the plant life. In fact, the window film will actually protect the plants from conditions that could negatively impact their growth.

Want to Learn More About Using Window Film to Boost Workplace Productivity?

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