5 Reasons To Choose Decorative Glass Films For Privacy & Branding

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There’s a creative way to make your windows work hard for your business; add decorative glass films to a glass panel to improve privacy and create compelling company branding.

Decorative Glass Films is the best choice for glass panels for five reasons:

  1. Retrofittable to Existing Glass – Decorative glass film is applied to your existing glass panel making it a cost-effective choice. Eliminate the hassle of removing your existing glass to pay for an expensive custom glass replacement. Decorative glass film makes the process seamless.
  2. Limitless Design Options – Actual custom glass design can be costly and limits design options. Conversely, the designs available in decorative glass film are as limitless as your imagination. With a few exceptions, through the use of potter cut film or custom printing, you can have the windows of your dreams with decorative glass film.
  3. Cost-Effective – Custom glass pieces come with a custom price. Unlike elaborate glass designs, decorative glass film is a cost-effective option with comparable intricate designs. Get more for your money with decorative glass films at the fraction of the cost of custom glass.
  4. Easy to Clean – Decorative glass film designs are easy to clean; this ease of maintenance ensures that the film continues to look as good as the day it was installed. On the contrary, frosted or sandblasted glass panels are extremely difficult to maintain. The design creates a rough look in the surface of the glass. The porosity of the surface traps dust and oil from people’s hands which causes the glass to look dirty. Over time, the dirt becomes embedded in the surface which sullies the appearance of the customized glass permanently.
  5. Removable and Replaceable – Decorative glass film is versatile unlike custom glass, it can be removed from one panel and applied to another without much effort. This makes it a perfect choice for particular areas such as leased spaces and office spaces where design and marketing requirements may change.

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