Can Security Window Film Improve School Safety?

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For the nation, the news coverage of active school shootings is harrowing. This makes school safety a paramount concern for every student and parent. Therefore, it is important to be up on the latest technologies for school safety such as security window film. An article in the Business Insider, “Here are the best ways to protect schools, workplaces, and ourselves from active shooters”, specifically remarks on security window film as a preventative safety measure. The article goes on to explain that:

“Protective and intrusion resistant doors and windows creating delays in an aggressor’s ability to gain entry. For pre-existing locations, the addition of protective window film, improved locking mechanisms and/or frames as well as other reinforcement techniques can be effective.”

School Safety & The Benefits of Security Window Film

For a better understanding of how security window film improves school safety, it is useful to explain the mechanism of action for this new evolution in window treatment. Security window film is composed of a clear layer of polyester film. It is applied to the building’s existing windows on the interior of the glass. The function of this window film is to hold glass fragments intact in the event of an impact or break-in. There are variations in the level of thickness and ways of installation of the film. These factors are dependent on the level of security required for the building. In an event of an emergency, natural disaster, an act of terrorism or a break-in, the durable security window film holds glass fragments together. This prevents injuries from broken or flying glass, the leading cause of bodily harm from such emergencies.

Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of entry in a school. The benefits of the security window film extend beyond keeping glass intact to impeding potential intruders from gaining access to the building. These few seconds of delay are crucial to giving authorities the necessary time to respond. Intruders have learned from experience to look for the easiest point of access. Recent trends in safety have fortified access to doors and gates. This leaves windows as the next logical targets for crime. Safety window film is an investment in the security of your children and your peace of mind when it comes keeping schools, a safe place of learning.

If you would like more information or have any questions about how safety window film can improve student safety and school security, contact Solar Tint. We offer a free, no obligation and estimate. We’ve helped improve school safety at hundreds of campuses across the Midwest. Contact us to talk to a trusted member of our team and provide your students peace of mind. 

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