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Create Memorable Spaces with 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes

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If you’ve seen beautiful glass in a commercial or retail setting that looked like it held all the colors of the rainbow, it was likely dichroic glass or transparent glass coated in a 3M Dichroic Glass Finish. What exactly is this awe-inspiring material? And where might you leverage this stunning decorative element in your space? Let’s first take a look at where this prismatic material originated.

What Is Dichroic Glass?

NASA first developed this special type of glass with fine layers of metal oxides that fracture and separate light waves. It was originally created to block harmful light spectrums in face shields used by astronauts. Today the glass is used for much more, including satellite mirrors, scientific instruments, and even camcorder lenses.

In addition to serving scientific purposes, dichroic glass also provides stunning beauty. It appears to change colors when viewed from different angles, making it a very popular choice in commercial and retail spaces. It’s hard to pass by dichroic glass without stopping to take notice of its futuristic, ever-changing look. That’s why architects leverage it to bring a “wow” factor to their buildings’ exteriors or highlight interior architectural features.

However, like other high-end decorative glass, dichroic glass is very costly to use in new buildings and renovations. The good news is that 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes offer an equally breathtaking yet more affordable alternative.

Create a “Wow” Factor with Dichroic Glass Finishes

Rather than undergoing the hassle of renovation by installing dichroic glass, simply apply 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes to your existing glass surfaces to save both time and money. There’s little downtime required to have the glass finish professionally installed, whereas removing and disposing of the existing glass to install a new substrate would necessitate temporarily halting business operations and displacing occupants.

The dichroic glass finishes are premium grade, multi-layer polymeric films that are non-metallic, non-conductive, and non-corrosive. This means they are highly durable and won’t interfere with electronic signals.

Dichroic glass finishes from 3M work on all types of glass surfaces. Not to mention, the color shifts are visible on both sides of the glass. The finishes can make entire buildings stand out from the exterior or make architectural features pop. In retail environments, dichroic glass finishes highlight fixtures or products on display to increase sales. Popular applications for dichroic glass finishes in commercial buildings include conference rooms, lobbies, partitions, verandas, stairways, elevators, escalators, and private offices. The film also helps call attention to transparent glass walls and doors to prevent injury, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

What Are the Color Options for 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes?

There are two primary color options for 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes: Blaze and Chill. However, don’t forget that you get a rainbow of colors with either option.

Blaze shifts colors in the warm tones of cyan, blue, and magenta in transmission and red and gold color regions of the spectrum in reflection. Chill transitions colors in the cool tones of blue, magenta, and yellow in transmission and gold, green, and blue color regions of the spectrum in reflection. Several environmental factors influence the way the light and colors change. These include natural and artificial lighting, viewing angle, and the color of the original surface.

Bring a “wow” factor to your space with 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes. The window tinting consultants at Solar Tint can help you find the perfect application for this eye-catching product.

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