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Is Window Film a DIY Project or Better Left to the Pros?

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Is attempting a DIY window film installation a good idea? If you’re a homeowner, you may be tempted to do the job yourself. But before you do, think about these questions: Are you going to achieve the results you really want? Will the installation last, or will the film need replacing a year down the road? Will your work make your home look better or worse? Are you sure of the results you’ll get?

We don’t recommend installing window film yourself, but to be fair, let’s compare DIY window film vs. professionally-installed window film. Then you can decide for yourself.

DIY Window Film vs. Professionally Installed Window Film

When comparing DIY vs. professionally installed window film, we’ll compare four different areas: 1) the installation, 2) the costs, and 3) the results, and 4) the warranty.


A lot of work goes into installing window film. Not only must you pick the right product for the results you’re hoping to achieve, but you must also measure correctly to purchase the right amount of film. Furthermore, you must also purchase the tools and set aside enough time to do the job.

Even then, you will not have the same expertise and knowledge as a professional who has been trained to work with various types of film and has experience working with window film on a daily basis. In addition to receiving extensive training for installing window tint, window film technicians at Solar Tint also ensure you choose the right film for your home and what you’re hoping to achieve.


Sure, you can buy an inexpensive DIY window film at Lowes or Home Depot and install it yourself. You may spend less money, but not necessarily. You will likely waste a lot of material trying to get the installation right. Also, remember that old saying, “You get what you pay for.” That adage holds true for window film. Not all film is created equal. Why waste your precious time and money installing a product that might not give the desired results or last in the years to come? Manufacturers like 3M™ reserve the use of their best-quality films for window film companies with technicians trained in 3M window film installation. For instance, 3M™ dealers must receive a special certification in order to be allowed to install its top-of-the-line Prestige Series films.


When you install window film yourself, you are taking a chance on getting good results. When installed by trained and experienced technicians, window film will more likely yield the results you want in terms of appearance and performance. Additionally, if your DIY window film installation doesn’t go as planned, all that money you’ve spent on film and tools for installation will end up being a waste. Furthermore, if your windows don’t look good, you may very well end up removing the film, which can be a chore if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Professionally-installed window film typically comes with a much longer warranty from the manufacturer than DIY window film. That’s because manufacturers know that trained and certified installers will install the film for the optimal results. For example, 3M backs many of its films with a 15-year warranty when installed by a certified dealer. Not only that but when your purchase 3M Residential Film, it has a lifetime warranty!

We hope the information in this article provides you with the necessary information you need to decide between DIY and professionally-installed window film. If you decide to take the risk and give DIY window film installation a whirl, Solar Tint will be there to help if your efforts don’t yield the desired results.

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