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Minimize Storefront & Office Glare with Window Film

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We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your desk and looking at your computer when a bright light reflects off the screen, causing you to squint to keep your eyes focused. Or maybe you’re showing a customer a product in the window display case, and blinding glare casts intrusively off the glass. Because offices and storefronts are often filled with windows that let in large amounts of light, glare is a common workplace annoyance. Not only does glare make it difficult to see, but it can also cause headaches due to eye strain. Luckily, there’s an easy way to combat intrusive storefront and office glare using window film. 

Why Use Window Film to Reduce Storefront & Office Glare?

Window treatments are often the go-to option for when harsh sunlight interferes with the visibility at work. So why invest in window film for glare reduction instead? Not only does window film eliminate annoying glare, but it also has a whole host of other benefits as well. 

Diminishes Glare But Does Not Eliminate Light & Visibility

One of the downsides of window treatments is that they block natural light from coming through the window. They also obstruct views of the outdoors. While closing the curtains or blinds can effectively reduce glare, it will also block sunlight and exterior visibility. Additionally, drawn window treatments block passersby’s visibility into your storefront, interfering with customers’ ability to view your products on display. Opening window treatments to foster natural light and improve visibility unfortunately also lets the glare through during the bright parts of the day. Sun control film is an alternative that allows natural light to transfer into the room while mitigating annoying glare. 

Darker tinted sun control films are best suited for glare reduction. While they do decrease the amount of natural light that passes through your windows, a portion is still transmitted and exterior views are not obstructed. By reflecting some of the sun’s harsh light, the film minimizes office glare and improves employee comfort by lowering eye strain and discomfort. Along with keeping glare at bay, window film reflects heat in the summer and helps retain warmth in the winter to better maintain interior temperatures. 

Blocks Harmful UV Rays 

Along with remedying any glare issues within the office, window film blocks up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Not only are UV rays damaging to our skin, but they also cause fading and discoloration to furniture, flooring, textiles, and other valuables. By using glare reduction film, you can also successfully reduce fading and better protect your building’s occupants. 

Quick Return on Investment 

As commercial window film is an investment for your business, you most likely want to ensure you get a positive return on that expenditure. By helping better maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, window film reduces the load on your office’s HVAC system. Through energy savings, lower utility bills, and fewer HVAC repair costs, window film offers a fast return on investment, typically within three years.  

Glare Reduction Solutions for Your Office or Storefront

Whether you own or manage a storefront or an office building, don’t let glare get you down. Reach out today to talk to one of our window film experts on glare reduction solutions for your property. We’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation to find the perfect option for your needs. 

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