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If you are looking to update the look of your vehicle while keeping the interior cooler, you should consider carbon window film in Fairfield OH.

At Solar Tint, our experienced professionals offer a wide range of options for your automotive window tinting needs, like reducing glare and blocking out UV rays from the interior of your car or truck. Solar Tint can provide you with attractive tinting and protective window film, improving the look and performance of your vehicle with our car window tinting service in Fairfield OH.

Solar Tint is the only 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer and Applicator in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Kentucky regions.

How carbon window film can preserve the look and function of your car

Vehicle owners in Fairfield OH with carbon window tinting experience benefits that keep their vehicles looking fresh and new for years to come. Over time, the heat and UV rays that come through your car’s windows can crack upholstery and fade the finishes in your vehicle. Car & Truck window tinting can:

  • Lower heat in your vehicle by as much as 70 percent
  • Prevent glass from shattering during an accident, reducing the risk of lacerations in a crash
  • Improve the look of your vehicle
  • Improve desirability of your vehicle for future resale

Factory tint is not always adequate, and it is generally made up of tint that has been added to the glass during manufacturing. With film tint, you can reach tints as high as 90 percent – often used for limousines and commercial vehicles – or as light as 2.5 percent for everyday personal vehicle use.

Whether you are looking to dramatically change the look of your vehicle or simply improve comfort and usability, 3M dyed auto film, crystalline and ceramic film are available through Solar Tint. Let us show you the difference that using carbon window film in Fairfield OH can make for your car. For more information, check out our FAQ.

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