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Custom printed decorative window film in Fairfield OH will add beauty to your interior design at very reasonable costs. If you are a fan of etched, sandblasted or stained glass, Solar Tint would like an opportunity to talk to you about the option of custom decorative window film for your home or business.

Solar Tint’s custom window film designs in Fairfield OH can provide all of the benefits you get from plain window films and tints.

  • Used on exterior glass surfaces like windows and doors, our decorative window film designs in Fairfield OH can help reduce glare and lower energy consumption to protect your belongings and save money.
  • An application that mimics the look of sandblasting to either exterior or interior glass will increase privacy. This is the perfect privacy solution for windows on a front door or sliding glass leading to patios or balconies. For your interior privacy, applications on shower doors and room partitions can let in light while providing the privacy you desire.
  • Custom printed decorative window film in Fairfield OH installed by the experts at Solar Tint have an added benefit of blocking damaging UV sunlight to protect your interior from fading and sun damage. You can choose your desired level of opacity and still reap the benefits of protection from sunlight damage and decrease interior visibility from the outside.

Solar Tint is the only 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer and Applicator in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Kentucky regions.

Many businesses and homes that are in high-traffic areas demand a clear view of the outside while obscuring the view from the exterior. This not only ensures your privacy; it diminishes your desirability as a target for crime.

The graphic design team at Solar Tint will work closely with you on creating your unique custom window film designs in Fairfield OH. The affordability of our custom printed decorative window film in Fairfield OH is an additional benefit beyond protection and privacy. With such a reasonable cost, you can afford to update your look when the creative impulse strikes.

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