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Experience the versatile Fairfield home window tinting solutions found here at Solar Tint. We have proudly served as an industry leader since we opened for business back in 1979.

Since then, we have teamed up with commercial and residential clients, tending to the needs of their tinting projects — both big and small. From large commercial buildings to tinting a few windows in your home, we have the needed residential window films in Fairfield OH, and the skilled staff, to handle it.

Solar Tint is the only 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer and Applicator in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Kentucky regions.

Explore our selection of Fairfield 3M window films

As authorized 3M dealers, we provide our clients with the highest quality films to choose from. Our clients are all looking for something a little different with their residential window tinting in Fairfield OH. We have films and services that emphasize such aspects as:

  • Decoration: We offer custom decorative Fairfield home window tinting that can add patterns to your windows or interior glass. You can replicate the same look as sandblasted, etched or stained glass.
  • Security: We have special security films that hold glass together even when it shatters. These residential window films in Fairfield OH hold up against thieves, storm damage and more.
  • Energy efficiency/comfort: Our special 3M Thinsulate films are ultra effective in managing the climate in your home. So much heat/cool air escapes from your windows. Our 3M Thinsulate collection of films remedy that — and it’s a welcome sign for your energy bill.

All of our residential window films eliminate ultraviolet rays from entering your home while limiting solar heat. These films are also great for reducing or eliminating glare while still welcoming in natural light.

We can help you find the right Fairfield home window tinting solutions for your needs. Start with a consultation — the team at Solar Tint is ready to help!

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