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Keep Your House Cool This Summer with Window Film

In Home Window Film by Solar Tint

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As we approach the mid-summer months, the temperature continues to climb. Even though we feel the hot summer sun most when we step outside, some heat can still be felt indoors. Unfortunately, untreated windows and glass doors don’t do much to stop solar heat from coming into your home. Not to mention, harmful ultraviolet rays can still pass through the glass. Luckily, there’s a way you can stop unwelcome heat, block UV rays, and keep your house cool this summer: window film. 

Beat the Heat & More with Sun Control Window Film 

There are several ways 3M™ Sun Control Window Films work to keep your house cool. But it won’t just help you beat the heat during the hottest season of the year. It also provides other benefits to your home, making it a good investment all year long: 

  • Blocks Heat, Retains Light & Views
  • Protects Against UV Rays 
  • Gives Your A/C a Break 
  • Saves Energy & Offers Cost Savings

Blocks Heat, Retains Light & Views

3M Sun Control Window Films can reduce temperatures up to 16°, making a big difference in cooling off your house. They block up to 60% solar heat and 70% visible light while still letting in some natural light. Where blinds, curtains, and shades can help block some heat, they eliminate light and outdoor views when shut. Retain the sun’s light and your view while rejecting solar energy to keep your home cooler, even on the hottest days of the year. 

Protects Against UV Rays

An added benefit of sun control window film is that it blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays. Ultraviolet rays aren’t just one of the leading causes of skin cancer, but they also cause furniture, artwork, flooring, and other valuables to fade over time. Help protect occupants and your precious belongings and block heat with window film. 

Gives Your A/C a Break 

By rejecting solar heat and making it easier for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature, window film relieves some pressure from your cooling system. It gives your air conditioning unit a break, so it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. When your cooling unit has to work extra hard to cool your house, it causes added wear and tear, leading to extra maintenance or more frequent repairs. Mitigate this issue with window film!

Conserves Energy & Offers Cost Savings

The heat-rejection properties of window film save energy and offer cost savings. Sun control window film can reduce electric bills by up to 12%, meaning it’s an investment that will eventually (and relatively quickly) pay for itself. Conserve energy, save money, and keep your house cool this summer by simply applying window film to your home.

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