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Prepare Your Car for Cold Weather

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The winter can take a toll on your car, be it the battery, the tires, and even your car’s exterior. If you’re hitting the road in the cold weather this season, your vehicle must be prepared and equipped to do so.  We created a brief list of things you can do this season to ensure every ride is smooth.

Monitor your battery

The cold weather can be troubling for your car’s battery.  When the weather gets cold, it slows down the battery’s chemical reactions, making it work harder. Not to mention, it makes it difficult for the battery to warm up. In addition, the engine’s oil thickens as the temperature drops, forcing your battery to work overtime to be effective. To avoid any battery issues, be sure to have your battery checked as the temperature drops. It may be the perfect time to get a replacement so your car is prepared for the cold weather.

Change Your Oil

It’s essential to have fresh oil for the cold season. As temperatures get lower, the oil gets thicker, and the engine must work harder. Fresh oil will travel to the engine quicker and more efficiently, while helping provide power to the battery as well. Even if your oil was changed last year, it might be best to get a change sooner than later. You want your engine to have as much help as it can get. 

Protect Your Car’s Exterior with Paint Protection Film

Ice, snow, and debris can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. However, when you’re driving on the road, it’s nearly impossible to avoid them! If you want to ensure your paint is always protected and prepared in the cold weather, consider investing in paint protection film. 3M Scotchguard Paint Protection Film is a high-grade, colorless film that can be applied to various high-impact areas of your vehicle, like the hood and bumper. This virtually invisible barrier protects your car’s paint from road debris to ensure your car’s paint remains in tip-top shape. 

Tint Your Windows

In the winter, the sun sits lower in the sky, making it difficult to see while driving! This is not only uncomfortable but can also prove hazardous. Minimize glare with automotive window tint! Not only will auto window tint reduce glare while driving, but it can also enhance the look of your vehicle and increase privacy depending on the level of tint you select. Tinted windows will prepare your car for all seasons, not just cold weather. Throughout the summer, it will keep your car cooler. 

Check Your Tires

Last but not least, always check your tires throughout the season. Inspect the tread for any signs of significant wear or damage. Your tires must be healthy and reliable to prepare you for any weather, especially the cold. Having your tires at the right level is an easy way to stay ahead of things. Also, during the cold, your tires will lose air quicker. Thankfully, adding air to your tires is a straightforward step and can be done at most gas stations.

Time to Ride

These steps are just a few simple, yet highly effective ways to ensure your car is prepared for the cold weather. Things become tougher on the road during the winter, and your engine is working harder than usual. So stay safe and be ready for whatever the journey throws your way.

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