How Security Window Film Helps Keep Kids Safe at School

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As a result of the events of the past several years, there is an increased emphasis on school safety. Most notably, discussing what steps can be taken to avoid incidents from occurring in the future. A recent article in District Administration entitled “Building Blocks of a School Security Plan” discussed strategies that can be implemented to improve the safety of a school. One of the items discussed was utilizing Security Window Film to make it harder for someone to forcefully enter a school. The article states:

“Make your building perimeter harder to penetrate.

If you already have locks on your outside doors, the next item you should consider on your list is security film for your windows. After the doors, the next obvious place a person with bad intentions will try to enter the building is through your windows. Security film maintains the integrity of the window, even if the glass is broken. It helps to hold the glass in place, acting as a screen that is difficult to breach, even with a sledge hammer or baseball bat. I believe that simple is better. Make sure that your plan is based on principles such as distance or time. Ask yourself, Does this security device offer my community additional time by delaying the threat?”

To read this article in its entirety, click HERE.

Improves Safety

One of the best things about a security window film is that, when installed professionally, it can be hard to know that anything is even on the glass. This serves to buy authorities even more time to respond as a typical would be intruder does not expect the delayed entry that the film produces. In these situations, every extra moment counts and security window film delivers additional time.

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