Sun Control Window Film Solutions

This Film is the Perfect Solution for:

  • 2° to 16° Reduction in Temperature
  • 2% to 12% Reduction in Electric Bills
  • Energy Reduction
  • Fade Protection (Furnishings & Floors)
  • Glare Reduction
  • Consistent Look From The Exterior
  • 99% UV Rejection
  • Added Privacy
sun control window film for homes and offices

Enjoy the Comfort of Sun Control Window Film

The places where you spend the most time should be most comfortable. Yet, heat, cold, and glare can make your favorite room the last place you want to be. With Solar Tint, your home and office will be more comfortable – summer and winter.

Our window enhancing films allow you to control the amount of heat and glare that enter your interior spaces. This means Solar Tint not only increases comfort but also saves you money on your energy costs all year long, both air conditioning and heating bills.

Don’t want to change the look of your windows? You don’t have to! The 3M Prestige series reduces 99% of the UV rays, rejects up to 60% of the heat, all while allowing up to 70% of the visible light in.

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3M sun control window film helps block heat and harmful uv rays

3M™ Sun Control Window Films

Fade protection

Reject up to 99% of UV rays

Energy savings

Reduce electric bills by 2-12%

sun control window film helps reduce glare on screens around your home or office

Glare reduction

Reduce glare by up to 82%

All 3M™ Window Films reduce 99% of the damaging UV rays. 3M™ is able to offer this UV rejection in all their films because they put their UV inhibitor within the adhesive.

solar prestige window film

Prestige Series

  • Allowing natural light into your home with highest light transmissions up to 90%
  • Spectrally-selective virtually clear film
  • Rejects up to 97% of infrared heat
  • Low interior AND exterior reflectivity
  • Minimal changes to aesthetics of the glass
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3m night vision window film for homes and offices

Night Vision Series

  • Rejects up to 71% of the sun’s heat
  • Reduces obtrusive glare
  • Light transmissions ranging from 15-35%
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traditional solar film installations in cincinnati, dayton, columbus, and covington.

Traditional Series

  • Rejects up to 77% of the sun’s heat
  • Reduces obtrusive glare
  • Perfect for skylights
  • Provides high heat reduction at a low cost
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low e window film for heat and uv control

Low-E window film series

  • Insulates the glass during the cold winter months
  • Rejects up to 76% of the sun’s heat
  • Retains up to 40% of your artificial heat
  • Reduces obtrusive glare
  • Thinsulate – Virtually clear!
  • Makes single pane windows perform like double pane
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