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Product Spotlight: 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film

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3M™ Thinsulate Window Film is a low emissivity window film. It adds a virtually invisible layer of insulation to your windows for increased comfort and energy savings. This high-performance film can transform your existing windows so that they’re more energy-efficient, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

When enhanced with Thinsulate™ Window Film, a single-pane window will perform closely to that of a double-pane window. Double-pane windows treated with Thinsulate Window Film perform almost as well as triple-pane windows.

3M™ Thinsulate Window Film Performs Year-Round

In the winter, Thinsulate Window Film insulates windows to reduce heat loss through the glass by up to 40%. It also reduces cold spots around windows by more evenly distributing the sun’s warmth throughout your space.

When it’s hot outside, the film works to keep interior spaces more comfortable by significantly blocking UV rays and rejecting solar heat. The film rejects up to 99% of UV rays and 97% of infrared rays with its spectrally-selective qualities. This allows your cooling system to function more efficiently.

Thinsulate™ Window Film Has Residential and Commercial Applications

Thinsulate Window Film can be used at home or in commercial buildings like schools, hotels, office buildings, and medical facilities. It is virtually invisible and allows you to maintain the look of your windows inside and out. However, the film still allows plenty of natural light into your space, creating a warm glow. Its neutral appearance is one reason why this type of film is very popular on one-of-kind buildings like museums and historic homes. Another is its ability to block harmful UV rays that can damage artifacts and other priceless items susceptible to sun damage.

Additionally, you know this film holds up well when it’s backed by a lengthy warranty. In fact, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film carries a 15-year warranty when professionally installed on commercial buildings. When professionally installed on homes, it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions about 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film or would like to learn more about how this premium film can improve the performance of your existing windows, we’d love to speak with you. 

As the largest 3M dealer in the Midwest with over 40 years of experience, there’s no project we can’t tackle. In fact, we’ve installed over 500,000 square feet of window film in the last year. Connect with us and receive your free quote and energy savings estimate.