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Upgrade Your Commercial Space with Gradient Window Film

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A bustling commercial space requires modern aesthetics. Does the design of your space feel outdated or stale? If so, you might be considering renovations. While renovating can make a big difference in your property’s appearance, it often requires a significant financial investment and lengthy downtime. An alternative that’s far more affordable than structural changes to your building is installing gradient window film. Not to mention, it won’t cause any disruptions, so you can continue business as usual. 

Why Install Gradient Window Film? 

There are several reasons to consider gradient window film for doors, windows, and other glass surfaces. 

Enhances Aesthetics 

Perhaps the most obvious reason to install gradient window film is to enhance aesthetics. Empty glass areas don’t do much to improve the design of a space. With gradient window film, you can add color, texture, and dimension to otherwise plain glass surfaces. From natural patterns to modern designs and custom graphics, you can match any decor. 

Boosts Privacy 

Gradient film is often frosted, meaning it has a higher opacity than traditional glass, so it enhances privacy along with aesthetics. Depending on how much natural light you wish to retain, you can decide just how transparent and how much of a gradient you want the film to have. With its privacy boosting properties, gradient window film is an excellent choice for storefronts, glass conference room walls, offices, storage rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more! 

Strengthens Branding 

With custom gradient film, you can also use it to boost branding. From displaying company values to your mission statement to your company logo, there are endless application possibilities. Strengthening branding can help inspire employees and boost morale to create a more positive workplace environment. 

Adapts to Different Sized Surfaces

Pre-made gradient films typically come in 50″ to 60″ rolls. This size limitation means that standard gradient films are only an option for glass walls and windows 5 feet or less in height. Solar Tint, on the other hand, custom prints gradient films up to 8 feet in height, eliminating the seam on the glass where the film ends! When you partner with us for your decorative film needs, we can custom print gradient films to any height.

Custom Window Film for Your Business 

Are you looking for gradient window film for your business? From a subtle aesthetic to an eye-catching spectacle, our expert installers can help find the best gradient design for you and your needs. 

As the largest 3M dealer in the Midwest with over 40 years of experience, there’s no project we can’t tackle. In fact, we’ve installed over 500,000 square feet of window film in the last year. Connect with us and receive your free quote and energy savings estimate.