Wall Graphics: 3 Great Ways to Use Them in Your Home

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You’ve seen them in modern buildings and offices — walls covered with amazing designs or branded with customized logos and slogans. However, wall graphics aren’t just for offices anymore. Wall graphics are excellent for personalizing walls, adding texture and interest to boring rooms, or reflecting your personal style at home.

Here are three terrific ways custom wall graphics can be used in homes.

Create a Unique Accent Wall

If there’s a room in your home where you’d like to make a statement or really show off your style, wall graphics are an excellent option. 3M™ graphic films can turn any room into a piece of art. Be as creative as you want when deciding what to put on your wall, or we can help you come up with a design. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Show off a spectacular scenic shot from your most recent vacation or a great photo of your family or pet. Or perhaps you’d rather have a wall that reflects your favorite hobby in the rec room or your sport in the man cave. Custom wall graphics are also perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms.

If you have your own design already, there are only two steps to completion: proposal and installation. We’ll create your custom wall graphics with 3M inks and vinyl using our UV printer. Therefore, you can expect exceptional optical clarity.

Make Over an Entire Room

Tired of boring paint or wallpaper? Custom wall graphics can be used to cover walls in one room or many. It’s a great alternative to predesigned wallpaper. Why settle for the ordinary, when you can create your own unique design? Choose from 3M™ graphic films that are printable or choose a colored or overlaminate product.

Overlaminate film can be added to walls with graphic films to add a matte finish, to add a reflective quality, or to add texture and depth. They are available in textures like Classic Linen, White Fir, Knit, Plaster, and Riverbed. Overlaminates also protect walls so they look great longer.

Custom wall graphics can be made to fit any size wall. And yes, they can also be used on ceilings as well! For example, add a starry scene to the ceiling in a child’s room, a bright blue sky with clouds in the living room, or a fresco in the dining room. Again, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Embellish Walls with Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall graphics can be cut in various shapes, sizes, and designs to embellish existing walls. They can be cut to just about any design you can think of, from your child’s name or favorite musical instrument to the skyline of your city or dream vacation destination. Enhance or create a theme in any room in the house. Wall graphic cut-outs are removable so they can be updated as your style and tastes evolve. Also, you never have to worry about them damaging walls.

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