whiteboard film applied to conference room wall

Whiteboard Film for Collaboration and Creativity in Office Space

In Commercial Window Film by Solar Tint

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If you’re searching for new ways to collaborate in the office,  whiteboard film is a cost-effective solution for promoting productivity. This versatile film quickly converts smooth surfaces like glass, finished wood, painted drywall, and steel into writeable surfaces.

Unlike traditional whiteboards that can be bulky and large, this micro-thin film doesn’t take up any space. However, resurfacing old stained whiteboards with this film can bring them back to life.

Post-It® Flex Write Surface by 3M™ is a unique whiteboard film that quickly and affordably transform your office space. This film stands out from other whiteboard surfaces because it can be written on with both dry-erase and permanent markers. Typically, when someone accidentally writes on a whiteboard with a permanent marker, the surface is left with marks that won’t come off and is virtually ruined. But permanent marker writing washes right off Flex Write Surface film with just plain water and a microfiber cloth. There’s no need to use or worry about harsh cleaners or chemicals that might pose health risks or harm the environment.

A professional 3M installer like Solar Tint can quickly and flawlessly install Flex Write Surface whiteboard film. The film is easy to remove and replace as often as needed without damaging the surfaces underneath. A multi-year warranty backs this durable film when professionally installed.

Inspiring Employees with Whiteboard Film

There are many ways to promote collaboration and teamwork with whiteboard film. Employees can capture and share ideas when brainstorming.  With more whiteboard writing space in the office, employees will have the opportunity to share and collaborate with other’s ideas.  With entire walls converted to whiteboard writing space,  a team can work at once rather than a single employee presenting for everyone. Additionally, more writing surfaces throughout the office better allows for social distancing during team meetings and presentations. 

Whiteboards are excellent hands-on tools that can target individual employee’s performance. With cubicles being in most office settings, this film can easily apply to the surface walls. This allows employees to write down their daily tasks, reminders, etc. It saves paper from writing on post-it notes or a desk calendar. Not only is it an easy reach to write on your cubicle walls, it is easy to update! 

Upper Management will love having more whiteboard space to provide content when giving presentations to the team. They will also have more space to leave up reminders to employees about upcoming events, due dates, meetings, etc.

Learn More About the Installation of Post-It Flex Write Surface

Access to the right tools makes a world of difference in office-space learning. Equip your employees with the power to easily and safely collaborate with this affordable whiteboard film solution.

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