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Stay Warm with Window Film for Cold Weather

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As temperatures start to drop in cooler months, poorly insulated windows might cause chilly air to seep inside. While sweatshirt weather is nice when you’re outside, you don’t necessarily want to be forced to wear one indoors. Inefficient windows not only make keeping the house warm difficult, but they also cause heating bills to skyrocket. While replacing windows with double-pane, triple-pane, or low-E glass is one solution, it’s expensive and time-consuming. Window film for cold weather is a more cost-effective alternative that will keep your home warm even on the coldest days. 

Why Install Window Film for Cold Weather?

Window film doesn’t just fight against dropping temperatures, but it also works to benefit your home in a variety of ways: 

  • Insulates your windows from the cold 
  • Lowers heating bills
  • Maintains outdoor views
  • Protects against harmful ultraviolet rays 

Insulates Your Windows from the Cold 

When you apply window film to windows, you’re adding another layer of insulation. It turns the heat retention characteristics of single-pane windows into nearly that of double-panes and double-pane windows into almost that of triple-panes. Window film for cold weather is designed to trap heat, dispersing it throughout the room to take out the chill. With improved insulation, it’s easier to reduce fluctuations in temperatures to retain warmth and enhance occupant comfort. 

Lowers Heating Bills

By helping maintain interior temperatures, window film for cold weather also saves energy to bring down heating costs. With less heat and wasted energy literally going out the window, you’ll see your utility expenses decrease. Although the cost savings might not seem significant at first, every little bit adds up over time and will eventually yield a positive return on investment. 

Maintains Outdoor Views

While blinds and other window treatments can absorb sunlight and retain warmth, they do so at the cost of outdoor views. Although window coverings might improve heat retention, blocking your view is a heavy price to pay. Window film is a far more effective solution that won’t negatively impact visibility. You’ll get the insulating properties while still permitting a portion of natural light into your space and without obstructing the view.

Protects Against UV Rays 

Another added benefit of window tinting is that it blocks up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays. UV rays aren’t just one of the leading causes of skin cancer, but they also take a toll on your belongings. As one of the most significant sources of fading, UV rays can ruin flooring, furniture, artwork, textiles, and other valuables. By installing window film, you won’t just keep the cold weather at bay. You’ll also be investing in UV protection for your family and your personal items. 

Combat Cold Weather with Window Film for Your Home 

Are you one of those people who waits as long as possible to turn on the heat when it starts to get cold outside? If so, window film can help you delay touching that thermostat even longer by helping your home retain warmth and maintain comfortable temperatures. Talk to a window film expert from Solar Tint today to find the best cold-weather window film solution for you.

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