Window Film Offers Great Benefits For Home Improvement Projects

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A home improvement project is a great way to add value to the home. One of the most cost-effective ideas for a home improvement project is professionally installed window film. Experts from the International Window Film Association are quick to point out the benefits of a home improvement projects for a homeowner not only from a point of aesthetics but also from the bottom line.

Why Window Film Should Be One of Your  Home Improvement Projects

Decorative Applications

Modern film is an inexpensive way to make clear glass look etched or frosted for privacy or a decorative effect. However, an aesthetic touch is not a fix for windows that are in bad shape, leaking or otherwise poorly insulated. Nevertheless, for windows that are in good shape but lack in energy efficiency, window film might be an ideal fix to costly replacement.

Protection of furnishings

Visible light is on the spectrum between ultraviolet light, a culprit of fading furniture and décor and infrared, which beams heat. Window film will block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, a feature that goes a long way in preserving drapes, carpet, and furniture from deterioration.

Color Neutral Options

Window film doesn’t require you to change the color of your home’s natural light or add any metallic shine to the décor. In fact, many home owners ask for a color natural day-lighting film which saves on energy while preserving then natural light quality in the home.

Saves on Energy Bills

When the weather is hot, solar-control films can block up to 80% of solar energy coming through windows, a great feature that cuts down on air conditioning costs. In fact, experts have found that window film translates into a year-round savings of about 5 to 10% of the home’s total energy bill.

Contact Solar Tint today if you have any questions about window film and how it can benefit your next home improvement project. We are happy to provide you a free estimate and consultation upon request.

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