Window Film Versus Window Shades

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You make important decisions about your home every day. When it comes to your windows, the choice between window film versus window shades is a personal one. It is a good idea to compare them side-by-side in terms of energy efficiency and protection, so you can make an educated decision that benefits your home for years to come.


While shades can be effective at blocking sunlight and reducing incoming heat, they have to be managed manually or closed completely to work. Especially, in places like the Sunshine State, shades can reduce heat gain up to 45 percent. However, some styles, like darker shades can actually trap solar heat and circulate it in the room. On the other hand, window film can block up to 78% of the sun’s heat without trapping it between the glass. By reflecting sunlight before it enters a home, window film lowers air conditioning load and energy bills. Furthermore, the insulating properties of window film is a guarantee of year-round savings as heat loss is diminished through window glass during cooler months.


Glare is an uncomfortable reality in the business or home when using a computer or phone during the day. Manual shades can be effective in blocking or redirecting light. However, when the shades are pulled, it increases the need for interior lighting and drives up energy costs. Window film is the perfect solution for glare with the ability to control excessive brightness without sacrificing natural light. Professionally installed window film is nearly invisible to the naked eye. You are able to look out the windows, enjoy the view, and positive benefits from the sun such a sense of well being and better mood with tinted windows.


An abundance of natural light can be beautiful yet harmful to people and furnishings. This is due to the effect of UV radiation on skin damage and cancer as well as deterioration of interior fixtures. Window shades offer poor protection from the UV spectrum. Some materials of window shades might actually fade or crack from sun exposure. Conversely, window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays which gives you peace of mind about sun exposure in your home.


Homeowners and businesses alike place a value on privacy. While window shades will protect valuables from prying eyes in the home or patrons in a business setting, the sacrifice is a loss of natural light and view. Reflective window films are the answer for increased privacy and comfort. A window film that will allow you to see outside during the day without letting the outside world in.


Shades may block some shattering glass from projecting into a room, but window film makes windows more durable. If someone or something breaks the glass, the film helps keep the window intact, and broken pieces do not enter a building and cause personal injury.

If a break-in or natural disasters occurs, window shades are not adept at blocking shattering glass from flying and scattering in a room. Window film is more durable with specialized security window film acting as a shield in a state of emergency. If the glass is broken, the film keeps the window intact from causing injury to people and valuables.

Is it window shades or window film? You decide, based on the needs of your home, lifestyle, and security. You may find window film can give you more bang for your buck.

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